YB Dr. Lee Boon Chye



Deputy Health Minister

YB Dr. Lee Boon Chye is the current Deputy Health Minister, also the Member of Parliament for Gopeng, Perak. He has been working as the Consultant Physician & Cardiologist of KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital since 1994 until present.

He graduated with a Medical degree from the University of Malaya, where he then went the UK getting his MRCP. He worked as a cardiologist in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland whilst getting in Master in Medicine in UKM in 1992.

YB Dr. Lee has joined the keADILan party since 1999, where he was once the vice president of the party. Back in 2008 when GE12 took place, YB Dr. Lee was voted in as the MP for Gopeng and still holds the position in the most recent election that took place. He was sworn in as the Deputy Health Minister on the 2nd of July 2018- where the Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly has said “I am thankful that after much persuasion, Dr Lee Boon Chye has agreed to assist me.” Have a listen to Dr. Lee’s interview on his position here: https://www.bfm.my/appointment-of-deputy-health-minister.html

Since his appointment as the Deputy Health Minister, one of the schemes Dr. Lee announced just on the 9th of August is the Skim Peduli Rakyat – an insurance scheme for the B40 group that will be tabled in October. When speaking to BFM about the scheme, he said the scheme will provide affordable and quality healthcare for the B40 group- listen in to the interview of Dr. Lee with BFM here: https://www.bfm.my/skim-peduli-rakyat.html