Pre-Medical Segment

Brought to you by Medefine Education UK and MMI Young Medics

For the very first time, we are organizing a one-day workshop tailored for aspiring pre-medical students applying for 2019/20 UK, Malaysia or other medical school entry. We are proud to be working with Medefine, a well-established non-profit UK-based organization, consisting of more than 500 UK medical students and doctors.

5 years of medical school requires a lot of commitment and the application process alone is tough and daunting. Current medical students who have been successful in their application process will be providing a focused guidance on your application process, ranging from UKCAT/BMAT answering technique to honing interview skills.

This event is a charitable, non-profit move with the aim to help students getting into their dream medical schools. On this note, all participants will be required to pay a fee of RM25 upon registration to cover expenditure for the event which will include lunch and refreshments, speakers and logistics for the entire day.

If you have any queries, you can drop the Pre-Med team an email at, or just fill in our Contacts sheet and we’ll pass it on to the team.