Dr Rozita Halina Tun Hussein Onn



Head of National Financing Unit, MOH

Dr Rozita is the Deputy Director, Unit for National Health Financing (NHF) under the Planning and Development Division of Ministry of Health (MOH) in Malaysia. She holds a Master in Public Health (MPH) degree from Harvard School of Public Health with emphasis on Health Policy and Management.

After clinical medicine, Dr Rozita started her Public Health career as a health systems researcher, focusing mainly in the areas of health financing and health economic research as well as training.

She has been involved in various health expenditures estimates and projections, benefits incidence analysis, health care demand analysis and costing of health services. She planned and initiated the Malaysia National Health Accounts (MNHA) which is now institutionalized under the MOH.

For more than a decade, Dr Rozita has been involved in various plans to improve and reform the Malaysian health system. As the head of NHF, she spearheaded the plans to transform Malaysia’s health system through major changes over a mid-horizon time-frame. These changes involve service delivery reforms, organizational reforms and health financing reforms.

The concept called 1Care for 1Malaysia has been accepted by the Government of Malaysia. Currently Dr Rozita and other colleagues in MOH works and communicates with various stakeholders of the health system are developing the blueprint for phased implementation to improve the health system of the country.

Most recently, she has been developing a nonprofit government-owned volunteer health insurance agency for 2018.