Dr Benjamin Cheah



Consultant Physician & Rheumatologist

Dr Benjamin Cheah is a consultant physician sub-specializing in Rheumatology currently working in Pantai Hospital KL. His day job also includes being the Clinical Associate Professor in International Medical University (IMU), and the Deputy Medical Director under the IMU Healthcare arm, as they endeavor to build an academy center, the IMU hospital which is scheduled to be ready by 2020.

With his passion in patient advocacy, Dr Benjamin is also the President of the Malaysian SLE Association and the Executive Committee Member of the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia- which focuses on the education of patients and the support for these patients, from counselling to financial assistance. Dr Benjamin is also the founder of Medicine Malaysia– an online web portal highlighting issues pertaining to the healthcare scene in Malaysia in hopes to critically analyse policies and stimulate creative articles.

Aside from this, Dr Benjamin is also the lead for Hacking Health KL- an NPO matching innovators and health care experts to develop solutions to front-line health issues through the use of technology. It is an international organisation hoping the bridge the divide between different sectors of the healthcare IT scene, to break down barriers while facilitating innovation in healthcare. With his passion in technology, he has been interviewed in ComingTech in terms of his view of new technologies in healthcare: http://comingtechs.com/interview-dr-benjamin-cheah-tien-eang/

Before stepping into the academia scene with IMU, Dr. Benjamin was working in the Ministry of Health Malaysia as a clinical specialist- where he then went to the University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) and worked as a senior lecturer in UM at the Unit of Rheumatology.

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