MMS Insight Series: MMI Ireland President

Michelle Wong | May 16, 2016

Ever since I chose my path in medicine, I have always sought the ‘bigger picture’ or the ‘holistic approach’ for the healthcare field. Many doctors only immerse themselves in the clinical side of medicine. However, one should realize that in order to maximize potential and efficacy of delivery of healthcare, it is even more important for the healthcare system to be managed well; to utilize and organize resources, to have multidisciplinary collaboration.

What a unique place we’re in, the field of medicine. With such varied personalities and skills within our community, yet still united with one goal- to serve our patients first. I genuinely feel very optimistic about our future in healthcare, where everyone’s skills (whether they are directly/ indirectly medically-related) are celebrated and potentials are maximized.

This event makes it a point to bring together different viewpoints on the organization of the healthcare system as a whole. There is no better opportunity, and no better time to spark the conversation around change of the bigger picture.

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